Date Feature Author
26/04/2015 Universal Search and Replace Brian Grainger
13/05/2014 Using Windows 7 - Exploring Windows Explorer - The Good Bits Brian Grainger
02/03/2014 Using Windows 7 - Windows Explorer and Focus Brian Grainger
10/11/2013 Preserving History for the Future Brian Grainger
14/07/2013 Free Software Conflict Brian Grainger
15/04/2013 Using Windows 7 - WordPad Brian Grainger
27/01/2013 Using Windows 7 - The Superbar Brian Grainger
27/08/2012 Using Windows 7 - The Desktop and Orb Brian Grainger
14/07/2012 Using Windows 7 - Getting Started Brian Grainger
20/05/2012 In Memoriam - Jack Tramiel Brian Grainger
04/12/2011 The Curse of Anti-Virus Brian Grainger
  In Memoriam - Jack Cohen  
01/06/2011 This is How the Cookies Crumble Brian Grainger
20/12/2010 Aspects of Life Brian Grainger
21/06/2010 Flash - Saviour of the Universe? Brian Grainger
21/02/2010 Software Tools Don Skene
10/01/2010 You Bend Tube Brian Grainger
22/11/2009 Anatomy of a GUI Brian Grainger
27/09/2009 Vodaphone Pay as You Go Broadband Brian Grainger
09/08/2009 Windows 7 - A First Look Brian Grainger
22/03/2009 Windows XAspiration Brian Grainger
08/02/2009 Web Site Copier - HTTrack Brian Grainger
08/11/2008 "Free" Software Brian Grainger
12/07/2008 The ASUS Eee 701 PC and other Small, Cheap Computers Brian Grainger
18/06/2008 Obituary - Dr. David Annal Mick Ryan &
Eleanor Cranstoun
06/06/2008 Review - Technika JA550 Digital Camera Fred Crouch
10/02/2008 Software Review - Foxit Reader Brian Grainger
16/12/2007 25th Anniversary of the Commodore 64 Brian Grainger
02/12/2007 Keyboards Brian Grainger
04/11/2007 File Compression and Archiving Software Brian Grainger
16/09/2007 Internet Woes Brian Grainger
  In Memoriam - Jim Butterfield  
13/04/2007 Applications on a Stick Brian Grainger
05/02/2007 What's in a Name Brian Grainger
14/01/2007 A History of Brief Time Brian Grainger
26/11/2006 Rich Text Controls Brian Grainger
29/10/2006 Another File that Snoops Brian Grainger
15/10/2006 An IT Admin Writes - Re Disabling the Registry Editor Brian Grainger
01/10/2006 Software Review - IsoBuster Brian Grainger
16/09/2006 The War Over Pluto Brian Grainger
10/09/2006 I Married a Geek Rachel Probert
03/09/2006 Tweaking the Light Web-Browser OffByOne IIsi 50 MHz
(Steven Stockton)
20/08/2006 Slow Login - My Recent Documents - My Places Brian Grainger
09/07/2006 Media Players Brian Grainger
18/06/2006 Hardware - Proprietary Software Collusion Brian Grainger
30/05/2006 Unearthing Some Old Nuggets Brian Grainger
14/05/2006 It's All About Standards Brian Grainger
02/04/2006 Unintended Consequences (1) or
Just What Are Those desktop.ini Files?
Brian Grainger
19/03/2006 About Ken Gavin Haines
05/03/2006 AutoHotkey Brian Grainger
12/02/2006 Windows Tips - Copying Files - Safely Reading E-Mails - Scrolling with Synaptics Mousepads Brian Grainger
18/12/2005 File Hyperlink Microsoft Word Macro Brian Grainger
27/11/2005 Sony and Digital Rights Management Brian Grainger
20/11/2005 Computer Operating Systems and the Car Dealers Collected by
Brian Grainger
  In Memoriam - Ken Ross  
30/10/2005 Review - USB Data Link Brian Grainger
02/10/2005 Readers Write: Creating and Solving Nonograms Jan Wolter
12/09/2005 Ken About... Quark, Quicktime and Quonset Ken Ross
26/08/2005 Sudoku 2 Brian Grainger
Richard Fowell
Chuck Fresno
07/08/2005 I've Got a Bigger Gigabyte Than You! Brian Grainger
31/07/2005 Open Standards or Lock In Brian Grainger
09/07/2005 Ken About... Quicktake and Other Pictures Ken Ross
03/07/2005 Deep Impact Brian Grainger
05/06/2005 Press Release - Process Library Kevin Vella
21/05/2005 Review - OffByOne Web Browser Brian Grainger
24/04/2005 Pencil Puzzles and Sudoku Brian Grainger
23/04/2005 Scripting - Removing Brackets Revisited Julian Kennedy
06/03/2005 Readers Write: Multiple Instant Messenger Services Brian Grainger
  In Memoriam - Ian Aisbitt  
20/02/2005 The Status of Computing at the Start of 2005 Brian Grainger
09/02/2005 Captain Commodore - Episode 7 Maureen and Ken Ross
06/02/2005 Ken About... Various Matters Ken Ross
05/02/2005 Readers Write: Scams and Security Various
03/01/2005 Readers Write: Swifter, Safer Surfing Various
24/12/2004 Santa has the Wrong Version of Word Brian Grainger
06/12/2004 Swifter, Safer Surfing Brian Grainger
27/11/2004 My First Commodore Ken Ross
07/11/2004 Brian's Backup Brian Grainger
10/10/2004 Confessions of a Cracker Paul Blair
11/09/2004 Ken About... Not Present but Correct Ken Ross
05/09/2004 BBC Micro Drive Fix Gavin Haines
01/08/2004 The USB Flash Drive Brian Grainger
04/07/2004 Esperanto and Other Characters - The Complete Solution Brian Grainger
Michael Newman
10/06/2004 Ken About... Small Relics Ken Ross
16/05/2004 Esperanto and Plugging the Gaps in Windows Scripting Host Brian Grainger
Michael Newman
29/02/2004 Google Mysteries Brian Grainger
15/02/2004 Quick Exit to DOS Prompt from a Windows Explorer Folder Brian Grainger
02/02/2004 Spam, Viruses and Message Undelivered Brian Grainger
25/01/2004 Installing USB Devices Brian Grainger
18/01/2004 Silly Folder Names Collected by:
Brian Grainger
05/01/2004 Sir Tim Berners-Lee - Weaving the Web Brian Grainger
19/12/2003 Ken About ... Old, Hidden and New Ken Ross
07/12/2003 Readers Write - On JamCams - Part 3 Brian Grainger
10/11/2003 Total Lunar Eclipse - 9th November 2003 Brian Grainger
02/11/2003 Software Review - SpaceMonger Brian Grainger
30/09/2003 The Microsoft Dictatorship Forces An Upgrade Brian Grainger
26/08/2003 Captain Commodore - Episode 6 Maureen and Ken Ross
22/08/2003 The Mars Close Approach Brian Grainger
14/08/2003 Ken About ... Lots of Initials Ken Ross
26/06/2003 The Teacher's Question Brian Grainger
26/06/2003 The Teacher's Question Brian Grainger
07/06/2003 Disabled Registry Editing Tools Revisited Brian Grainger
05/05/2003 Ken About ... Things That Spin Ken Ross
29/04/2003 The ByeByeAds Scam Brian Grainger
06/04/2003 There's Nothing New Under The Sun Brian Grainger
16/03/2003 Keyboard Macros With Windows Scripting Host Brian Grainger
15/03/2003 Readers Write - File Transfer Brian Grainger
04/03/2003 IrfanView Brian Grainger
09/02/2003 Ken About ... GEOS Again and Pruning Ken Ross
08/02/2003 HTTP Functions and Google Searching Brian Grainger
02/02/2003 STS-107 Ken Ross
01/02/2003 Readers Write - On JamCams - Part 2 Brian Grainger
28/01/2003 Relate Tech Support Anonymous
04/01/2003 Readers Write - On JamCams Brian Grainger
23/12/2002 Last Minute Presents Brian Grainger
30/11/2002 Ken About ... PRINTOUTS, EXTENSIONS & PLACES Ken Ross
10/11/2002 The Wonder of Winzip Brian Grainger
01/11/2002 Free CDs - They May Be More Valuable Than You Think Brian Grainger
12/10/2002 Ken About ... COMAL, CAPTAIN, CASH Ken Ross
06/10/2002 Captain Commodore - Episode 5 Maureen and Ken Ross
09/09/2002 A Reader Writes - Amiga Emulator Brian Grainger
04/09/2002 Regedit cracks and the Hex Editor Brian Grainger
18/08/2002 Programming in the 21st Century Brian Grainger
09/08/2002 Ken About - Silent Running Ken Ross
02/07/2002 Men's Rules Anonymous
02/06/2002 Ken About - Mostly Macs Ken Ross
19/05/2002 Stephen Wolfram and Cellular Automata Revisited Brian Grainger
13/04/2002 Folders or a Pile! Brian Grainger
07/04/2002 Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,
Accountants are from Orc
Brian Grainger
20/02/2002 Epson versus Hewlett Packard Printers Gavin Haines
14/02/2002 Ken Out and About - and Indoors Again Ken Ross
27/01/2002 The New iMACs Gavin Haines
20/01/2002 The Problem with Viruses Brian Grainger
09/12/2001 Scanning for Satellites Brian Grainger
26/11/2001 Changing Icons on the Mac Ken Ross
21/11/2001 Ken About - Feel the Burn Ken Ross
16/11/2001 Review: JamCam 3.0 Digital Camera Ken Ross
05/11/2001 Captain Commodore - Episode 4 Ken and Maureen Ross
03/11/2001 The Launch of Windows XP Brian Grainger
30/09/2001 The SWRAP Commodore Show in Chicago Jim Butterfield
16/09/2001 Things My MAC Says
(and what they mean!)
Ken Ross
28/08/2001 Review: Primefilm 1800U Scanner Gavin Haines
21/08/2001 Readers Write - A PC Startup Problem Rita
14/08/2001 Ken About ... Anything But Ken Ross
05/08/2001 On the Way to CMD ... Maurice Randall
30/07/2001 Readers Write - PC to 1541 Communication Christophe Jeandel
27/07/2001 Captain Commodore - Episode 3 Ken and Maureen Ross
14/07/2001 Old Technology to the Rescue Brian Grainger
03/06/2001 On the Road at the Commodore Chicago Expo
(September 2000)
Robert Bernardo
12/05/2001 Ken About ... GEOWRITE and 3.00 in the Morning Ken Ross
07/05/2001 Captain Commodore - Episode 2 Ken and Maureen Ross
18/03/2001 Ken About ... GEOS and Other Colourful Items Ken Ross
11/03/2001 Captain Commodore - Episode 1 Ken and Maureen Ross
04/03/2001 Controlling a Viral Infection P.S. D'Knim
31/12/2000 Electronic Journals for 2000 Various
31/12/1999 Electronic Journals for 1999 Various

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