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DotThe Independent Computer Products Users Group it was formed in 1978 under the title of IPUG (Independent PET Users Group). The object was to share the knowledge of the Commodore machines and to further the production of the appropriate software. PET Incidentally, stands for Personal Electronic Transactor.

Dot In March 1982 it was decided to change the name of the group to the Independent Commodore Products Users Group, as the PET was not the only Commodore computer around. As well as the VIC20 there was the Commodore 64 and Commodore PC computers. A further change took place in 1986 when the Group became a co-operative and it is registered as such with the Registrar of Friendly Societies.

Dot For seventeen years ICPUG covered Commodore computers and is one of the main sources of information on those machines. However, with the demise of the original Commodore company it was time to drop the name Commodore, and so ICPUG is now the Independent Computer Products Users Group, supporting most home computers, including PCs, the Amiga and even the Psion.

Dot Benefits of membership included contact with other members, access to the free PD software library, technical assistance, and discounts on hardware and software. The ICPUG Journal was published regularly and contained between 80 and 100 pages per issue. It was written by volunteers; no payment was made for articles published and the standard was high. The Journal contained reviews of hardware and software, news of the latest developments, and many hints and tips on problem-solving. There was also a free For Sale and Wanted section as well as a Readers' Write column.

Dot In September 1998 it was announced by the Committee that the Group would close. Regional Groups will, however, continue to operate, and there are plans to contine with this web site as well as the production of an Electronic Journal.

Dot If you wish to read our about our full twenty year history Then click on this link!

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