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2nd April 2006


Brian Grainger


Knoppix is the most widely available Live CD. Apart from being available as a download on the Internet, the latest version is usually, at some point, provided as a cover disk on a PC or Linux magazine.

If you want to download Knoppix from the Internet be aware that it is a very big file, (circa 700MB). Go here to choose a site for downloading Knoppix. I would recommend the ftp.knoppix.nl site as it is very fast and has previous versions available. It is very important that you download two files. The first is the Knoppix .iso file for the version you need. The second is a checksum (.md5) file.

The checksum file is not needed by Knoppix. It is used to confirm the big .iso file has downloaded without errors. It is wise to confirm this with such a big file.

See HERE on how to do an md5 check. (coming soon)

If you want to run Knoppix from a Live CD you have to 'burn' the .iso image to a CD. This is NOT the same procedure as writing a Data CD.

See HERE on how to burn an .iso to a CD (coming eventually!)

The Lin'N'WinNewB Project does not run Knoppix from CD but from the hard disk. On some machines you will be able to run directly from the .iso file. On others you will need to run from files copied from the Live CD. Users with older PCs running Windows 9x are advised to run from the Live CD files, so 'burning' the .iso image will be necessary to obtain the files.

On some machines running XP it may be necessary to run from the .iso file. The Lin'N'WinNewB Project has found that files from the Knoppix (CD v.4.0.2) Live CD run perfectly OK on its test machine. Earlier versions did not always do so. You are advised to try what you have obtained. If the Live CD files do not work then switch to the .iso file.

If you have obtained you Linux CD from a magazine it may come as an .iso file or as the Live CD.

Knoppix (CD v.4.0.2) was available as a Live CD with LinuxUser & Developer, Issue 58.

The third way of obtaining a Knoppix disk is to buy one from a Linux supplier. You can find many of these on the Internet. Here is one in the UK that the Lin'N'WinNewB Project has used:
The Linux Emporium

Knoppix is usually provided as a Live CD from a supplier.

We now have all the files needed to set up the Knoppix Linux system on a Win9x machine.

If you have a Knoppix Live CD and a Windows 9x machine carry out the following:

  • Open Windows Explorer
  • Create a new folder in the boot folder of the C drive.
  • Name this folder knoppix.402
  • Copy the minirt.gz and linux files from the \boot\isolinux folder of the Live CD to the C:\boot\knoppix.402 folder
  • Copy the KNOPPIX file from the \KNOPPIX folder of the Live CD to the C:\boot\knoppix.402 folder

That's the end of Step 3

Click HERE to proceed to Step 4