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Lin'N'WinNewB Page List

30th May 2014


Brian Grainger


A new user of Linux is called a newb(ie) - or sometimes noob(ie).

The Lin'N'WinNewB Project is for the Windows user, (7, 2K, XP or 9x), who wants to try Linux BUT does not want to give up, or compromise, their Windows installation. It's Linux 'n' Windows together!

NOTE: Windows 2k (Windows 2000) users should follow the instructions for Windows XP throughout the Project.

The Project was first released on 18th February 2006 and has been updated in line with technical advancement since that time. The date of last update of any page can be seen by the date at the top left of the page.

  • The Lin'N'WinNewB Project will tell you what to do.
  • You will not be asked to make choices you don't understand.

  • You are expected to have a basic knowledge of Windows and know how to use Windows Explorer. It will help if Windows Explorer is set up in Details View, (Select View, then Details from the menus).

  • You are expected to know how to use a web browser and download files from the web and save them to your hard disk.

I have crafted the steps of the Lin'N'WinNewB Project to get you going as quickly as possible, with minimal risk to your existing set up. Each step in the process has an introduction that explains what is going to be done and why. This is geared towards the technically interested person and can be clicked through if you are not that way inclined.

The choices I have made are based on my experience since 2003 of trying out many Linux Live CD systems and installing them in the manner of the Lin'N'WinNewB Project.

I cannot provide any guarantee. There are too many different ways for hardware and Windows to be set up for me to know them all. The Lin'N'WinNewB Project assumes that Windows is installed in the first partition of the first hard disk. I am confident the Lin'N'WinNewB Project will succeed for this configuration, but you proceed at your own risk. Please back up any important information before commencing the Lin'N'WinNewB Project. I know other configurations exist - e.g. Compaq sometimes install Windows on the second partition of the disk - for which the basic instructions will not work. However, they can usually be adjusted to cope with these special circumstances.

When you have completed the Lin'N'WinNewB Project you will have a system where you can still use your Windows, but you can also try out the Linux alternative. The Linux system you will have can also function as a convenient backup and rescue tool when your Windows system decides to go wrong in a big way.

Having looked at Linux and gained some knowledge and experience you may like what you see. You may then want to install a full Linux system. Instructions for that are not the purpose of the Lin'N'WinNewB Project.

Are you ready to enter the wonderful world of Linux?

Click HERE to learn about 'The 4 steps to Lin'N'Win'