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1st June 2017


Brian Grainger

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Please use my e-mail address above to send me an e-mail with your information for the ICPUG pages.

(Note: To combat Spambots harvesting my e-mail address, I can no longer provide a click link to my e-mail address. Cut and paste the above address into the 'Message To' box of your e-mail client and replace AT with @)

Please use the topic guide below as to what details to provide for certain topics.

In all correspondence PLEASE use a meaningful Subject line for your e-mail. Prefixing it with 'ICPUG' is useful. This enables me to recognise any real mail that has been inadvertently marked as spam by my ISP's spam filter.

Thank you. I look forward to receiving your e-mails.

Brian Grainger (Webmaster)

Topic Guide

Lin'N'WinNewB Project

Please put Lin'N'WinNewB Project in the Subject line of the e-mail.

Articles For Sale and Articles Wanted

These pages are no longer maintained. Please do not provide any sales or wanted ads.

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